Diamond and CBN wheels for chain saw sharpening

Baltic Abrasive Technologies specializes in Superabrasive grinding, sharpening, polishing and profiling wheels. Our major products are a wide variety of top quality diamond grinding wheels and CBN grinding wheels. We focus our efforts on providing the highest quality standards, superior customer service, competitive prices, and fast delivery.

Having huge experience in the field of the sharpening business with big companies operating in wood, metal, construction and other industries we felt the need to create outstanding sharpening wheels for small end users who require highest quality sharpening tools. After receiving many inquiries for efficient sharpening solution for chain saws we managed to create diamond and CBN wheels to replace those so called "pink" outdated wheels.  

Main advantages of diamond and CBN chain saw sharpening wheels :
Very long tool life time - will outlast "pink" wheels many many times
Do not loose the profile, do not change the shape - there is no need to correct wheel with the dresser
Give superior surface finish - chain saw teeth will be extremely sharp and will stay sharp longer
Wheel chemical composition is well balanced for wheels to grind without cooling - you will not burn or temper saw teeth
There is no dust while grinding - you will not inhale dust to your lungs
Comes with the cleaning tool - in case wheel gets clogged from a dirty saw
Diamond and CBN wheels easily replace "pink" wheels - you will not have to rebuild your sharpening machine
Every wheel comes with reducing spacer to resize bore from 7/8" (22,23mm) to 12mm - in case your grinder has 12mm shaft.

Our wheels will work on any of the following and many other grinders such as:
Oregon, Stihl, Tecomec, Timbertuff, Jolly, Maxx, Franzen, Foley, Northern, Maxx, SIlvey, Franzen and others.

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