Diamond and CBN wheels for chain saw sharpening


If you have a grinder at home for your personal use or you own huge grinding company with high-tech CNC machinery we have diamond or CBN wheels for any application possible. There are thousands of molds for you to choose. Different bond systems are developed, so you can be confident that you will receive wheel which will perform exactly how you want it to. We can offer almost any diamond or CBN wheel which you might require. Solid or segmented, big or small diameter, any standard or custom shape, fine or rough grit size, aluminum, steel, bakelite, copper or other body - yes, of course, you name it.

Wheels can be offered in resin phenol, polyimide, hybrid, metal bond, electroplated or vitrified. We do not have minimum order quantity, we accept orders for even 1 wheel. We are sure, when you test it and check how it performs, you will order more and hopefully recommend us to your friends.

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