Diamond and CBN wheels for chain saw sharpening

CBN wheels for grinding chainsaw rakers

Diamond and CBN are defined as super hard materials because of their hardness that surpasses the traditional abrasive materials such as aluminium oxide or silicon carbide, in other word, usually used pink wheels. Diamond and CBN wheels are widely used in highly effective grinding processes.

CBN is the second hardest material, only surpassed by the diamond. You should choose CBN wheels if you will be sharpening steel chains. Just click below to buy your required wheel. If you need help choosing correct wheel please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CBN wheel - For: chainsaw raker wheel, to grind rakers 

Outside diameter: 5 3/4" or 146,05 mm
Abrasive layer thickness: 1/4" or 6,35 mm
Bore diameter: 7/8" or 22,23 mm
Reducing spacer included to fit 12 mm shaft
Price: 114,00 USD, Shipping: Free - worldwide!